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Wireless Solutions

Computer Solutions

Maintenance Contracts

Website Design

  • Full Consultation in Home/ Office environment

  • Locate 'dead spots'/ weak wifi coverage

  • Consultancy in current wifi solutions

  • VOIP / Video Conferencing Solutions

  • 3G Failover using GSM Solutions

  • Software upgrades Win7/ Win8/ Win10

  • Desktop/ Laptop/ Tablet sales

  • Repairs and upgrades - Anti Virus - Data Recovery Services

  • Printers /Wireless/ Wired Apple Airprint Compliant

  • CCTV Home Office Solutions

  • Reduced costs on IT expenditure.

  • On-site maintenance - Infrastrucure/Facilities maintenance.

  • Expedited turnaround time.

  • Full Consultancy Service/ Networking/ Wireless.

  • Risk Management - Disaster Recovery Management - Backups - Offline- Cloud

  • Website Design

  • Domain Registration

  • Domain Hosting

  • Social Media Integration

  • SEO

  • Social Media Management

Control IT Budgets

Everett Incorporated partners with customers offering cost effective solutions for onsite maintenance agreements. Our consultancy solutions saves businesses time & money by allowing them to concentrate on their core business. Month to month or annual contracts available.


  • Desktops

  • Laptops/Tablets

  • CCTV Camera's DVR/NVR

  • Servers

  • UPS Solutions

  • Wireless/ Indoor/ Outdoor/ Industrial / Backhaul for VOIP or video solutions


Television Special for the month of March

Cell Phone Special for the month of March

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